CSC 324 Schedule Spring 1

This is the tentative, evolving schedule for Spring 1 2021.  Subject to change!!!

#DayDateClass Topic and ActivityNotes and Today's Checklist
0Pre-Term PreparationStudent logistics survey
Week 1
1MFeb 1[Required] Introduction to Software Development; co-develop class normsRead: Dooley Ch 1 & 2
Day 1 Checklist
Due: RJ 1
2TFeb 2Ruby LabRead: To Ruby from Java
Day 2 Checklist
3WFeb 3[Required] Team projects overviewRead Hartl Ch 1 - 4
Day 3 Checklist
Due: HW 0
4ThFeb 4Version Control (git and GitHub)
Read: Dooley Ch 15 section: Source Code Control
Day 4 Checklist
5FFeb 5[Required] Professionalism and Ethics
Guest Speaker: Susan Sanning
Read: Dooley Ch 18, Hartl Ch 5
Day 5 Checklist
Due: Team project survey (the template is in PioneerWeb under "Documents"), Reading Journal 2
Week 2
6MFeb 8[Required] Team meetings and Project ManagementBegin Sprint 0
Read: Dooley Ch 3
Day 6 Checklist
Due: HW 1
7TFeb 9Design requirements (BDD)
Ruby on Rails and MVC design pattern
Read: Dooley Ch 4 & 5
Day 7 Checklist
Due: Reading Journal 3
8WFeb 10[Required] BDD Exercise (partners)Read: Dooley Ch 6 & 7
Day 8 Checklist
Due: Team Charter, HW 2
9ThFeb 11OOD & UML Class DiagramsRead: Dooley Ch 8 - 10
Day 9 Checklist
Due: Homework 3
10FFeb 12Legacy Code and Test Driven Development Part 1; Ruby on Rails (RoR) and SQL databasesRead: RoR and SQL article, Hartl Ch 6
Day 10 Checklist
Due: Team MoU, HW 4
Week 3
11MFeb 15Monday meeting: Project Requirements
Neem Serra, Lead iOS Engineer, StitchFix, guest speaker
Begin Sprint 1
Read: Hartl Chapter 7 (especially section 7.2)
Day 11 Checklist
Due: Homework 5
12TFeb 16Code construction
Team and community partner meetings
Read: Dooley Ch 14; Project Safety and Security; Licensing
Day 12 Checklist
Due: HW 6, Reading Journal 4
13WFeb 17Minitest and Debugging Ruby on Rails apps
Team and community partner meetings
Dooley Ch 15
Day 13 Checklist
Due: HW 7
14ThFeb 18Legacy Code and Test Driven Development Part 2Read: Dooley Ch 16
Day 14 Checklist
Due: RJ 5
15FFeb 19[Required] Team demosRead: Dooley Ch 17
Day 15 Checklist
Due: Team demo and report
Week 4
16MFeb 22Monday meeting: User Interface and Database Structure
Design patterns
Begin Sprint 2
Read: Dooley Ch 11
Day 16 Checklist
Due: Reading Journal 6
17TFeb 23Ethics case study discussionRead: ACM Code of Ethics
Day 17 Checklist
18WFeb 24Team and community partner meetings
19ThFeb 25Team and community partner meetings
20FFeb 26[Required] Team demosDue: Team demo and report
Week 5
21MMarch 1Monday Meeting: Measuring Progress
Project Metrics
Begin Sprint 3
Read: Code Coverage, review Dooley Ch 3
Day 21 Checklist
Due: Reading Journal 7
22TMarch 2Effective Agile TeamsDay 22 Checklist (includes links to readings)
23WMarch 3Team and community partner meetings
24ThMarch 4Team and community partner meetings
25FMarch 5Team and community partner meetingsDue: Team report
Week 6
26MMarch 8Monday Meeting: Testing, especially
Usability and Accessibility Testing
Begin Sprint 4
Day 26 Checklist
27TMarch 9Team and community partner meetings
28WMarch 10Team and community partner meetings
29ThMarch 11Team and community partner meetingsDue: HW 8
30FMarch 12[Required] Team demosDue: Team demo and report
Week 7
31MMarch 15Monday Meeting: Documentation Begin Sprint 5
Day 31 Checklist (includes links to readings)
32TMarch 16Career Development
Sarah Barks guest speaker
Day 32 Checklist (includes links to readings)
Due: Reading Journal 8
33WMarch 17Team and community partner meetings
34ThMarch 18Team and community partner meetings
35FMarch 19Wrap up!Read: Dooley Chapter 19
Day 35 Checklist
Due: Team Wrap Up
Due: Self and peer teamwork assessment
Due: Portfolio
36TMarch 23[Required] Final PresentationsDue: Final team report and Final presentations
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