Spring 1 Day 4


Before Class

  1. Read the Source Code Control section of Dooley’s Chapter 15.
  2. View the video lecture for today on Version Control (video will be in PioneerWeb) (slides without the lecture)
  3. Review sections 1 and 2 of Pro Git (or watch the short videos instead) and read section 3 on branching
  4. Post questions in the Questions and Answers channel of our MS Team’s working group


After Class

  1. Continue reading and following the instructions in Hartl’s Chapters 1 through 4.  You do NOT need to do the “Exercises” at the end of each section.  Just do the major tasks.You can follow the directions for the first toy app exactly as written (you should TYPE your answers and not cut and paste from the ebook!), but start working on your own individual project after the first chapter.    Be sure to practice with git, GitHub, creating and merging branches in git, and deploying to Heroku as you go. You will use these chapters to completeHomework 1 

Upcoming Assignments

  • Reading Journal 2 due Friday
  • Team Project Interest Survey due Friday
  • Homework 1 due Monday

Additional Resources

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