Spring 1 Day 15

Before Class

  1. Read Dooley Chapter 17
  2. Watch the video lecture on code reviews (PioneerWeb) [slides only]

Class Time [Required]

  1. Team demos.  Remember, you MUST attend the WHOLE demonstration period and participate in your team’s demo as well as ask other students questions about their project and process.  (If you absolutely cannot join us, you must tell me ahead of time!)  We will schedule each time for a 20-minute time slot; so we should not need the whole 2 hours for demos.
  2. Work with your team on your team report.

Upcoming Assignments

  1. Team reports are due tonight by 10:30 pm

Additional Resources

  1. How to run a remote retrospective and have fun doing it by Katrina Morales and Sarah Goff-Dupont.


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