CSC 326 Schedule Spring 1

This is the place for the evolving, tentative schedule for CSC 326.

#DayDateTopicNotes and Today's Checklist
0Pre-Term PreparationStudent logistics survey
Week 1
1MFeb 1[Required] Introduction to Software Development; co-developing class normsRead: Sutherland Ch 1 & 2
326 Day 1
2TFeb 2
3WFeb 3[Required] Team projects overviewRead: Article from Leading Remote Agile Teams; Sutherland Appendix
Day 3 information
4ThFeb 4
5FFeb 5[Required] Professionalism (Susan Sanning guest speaker)Due: Journal 1: Scrum teams and planning
Due: Team project survey
Week 2
6MFeb 8[Required] Team meetings and Project ManagementBegin Sprint 0
Read: Sutherland Ch 3
Day 6 Checklist
7TFeb 9
8WFeb 10Due: Team Charter
9ThFeb 11
10FFeb 12Due: Team Memo of Understanding
Due: Journal 2: Team formation
Week 3
11MFeb 15 Monday meeting: Project RequirementsBegin Sprint 1
Read: Sutherland Ch 4
12TFeb 16
13WFeb 17
14ThFeb 18
15FFeb 19[Required] Team demosDue: Team Demo and report
Due: Journal 3: Time management
Week 4
16MFeb 22Monday meeting: User Interface and Database StructureBegin Sprint 2
Read: Sutherland Ch 5
17TFeb 23
18WFeb 24
19ThFeb 25
20FFeb 26[Required] Team demosDue: Team Demo and report
Due: Journal 4: Efficiency
Week 5
21MMarch 1Monday Meeting: Measuring ProgressBegin Sprint 3
Read: Sutherland Ch 6
22TMarch 2
23WMarch 3
24ThMarch 4
25FMarch 5Due: Team report
Due Journal 5: Planning
Week 6
26MMarch 8Monday Meeting: Testing, especially
Usability Testing
Begin Sprint 4
Read: Sutherland Ch 7
27TMarch 9Team project time
28WMarch 10
29ThMarch 11
30FMarch 12[Required] Team demosDue Team demo and report
Due: Journal 6: Happiness
Week 7
31MMarch 15Monday Meeting: DocumentationBegin Sprint 5
Sutherland Chapters 8 and 9
32TMarch 16Career Development
Sarah Barks guest speaker
33WMarch 17
34ThMarch 18
35FMarch 19Wrap up!Due: self and peer team evaluations
Due: Journal 7: Change the World
36TMarch 23[Required] Final PresentationsDue: Final team reports
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