Team Charter Assignment

Your team’s first assignment is to create a team charter.  At a minimum, this needs to include: 

  1. The names and contact information of every team member as well as preferred method of contact.  (You may name your team something creative.  Try using a team name generator such as this one from Mountain Goat Software.)
  2. The role(s) each person will fulfill on the project.  If you intend to rotate roles, describe how and when you will switch.  
  3. When will the team meet, how often, and using what platform?
  4. Project name and your contact person at the community partner’s organization, including how they prefer to be contacted and how frequently
  5. Your alumni mentor, how you will meet with them,  and how often
  6. Where your task list will be kept (usually a link to a site such as Trello, GitHub Projects, Microsoft Teams, etc.) Note: we strongly encourage you to use GitHub Projects so that your team project management tools are all integrated into one location that is easy to hand over to the next team or to your community partner upon completion of the app!
  7. How will you settle conflicts, especially relating to prioritizing work?
  8. Will you work together (paired programming) or individually?
  9. How will you conduct code reviews?
  10. How and when will branches be pulled into the project’s GitHub repo? 


What to Do

  • Meet as a team to discuss how you intend to proceed over the rest of the term.  Note that you may start with one plan and modify it over the term as you gain more experience and overcome challenges.  
  • Create a Team Charter that incorporates at least the information listed above, but you are welcome to add items.  

What to Hand In

This assignment is done and submitted as a team.  You only need to create and upload one document for your group, but please remember to include everyone’s name somewhere near the top of the document so I can assign credit for completion!

Submit one document that is your Team Charter, via PioneerWeb.  Note: this team charter MAY CHANGE during the term as you learn more and gain experience with a large, long-term project.  This is OK, and you may upload a new version if anything changes substantially.  

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