Report and Reflect on Sprint 3 and Plan Sprint 4

During this period of distance learning, when we do not see each other several times per week, communication is even more important than usual.  So, you are asked to “report to management” about your progress not only on the project itself but also on how the team is functioning.   

For the  sprint review, summarize what you have accomplished during this two-week period.  What user stories or features have you worked on? Have you completed any?  If you are calculating velocity or using some other measure to evaluate progress, what are those numbers? Have you been adding tests to your test suite?  What are your test coverage metrics?

For the  sprint retrospective, reflect on how roles are being taken by team members.  Are you rotating roles – if so, how frequently? How has your team management approach enhanced or detracted from your team’s progress? 

Finally, plan what you will accomplish in Sprint 4 and prioritize each item. Ideally, this would be done in conjunction with your community partner. What barriers do you anticipate could cause your team to regroup and learn new skills (recall that this is called a “spike” and usually does not count against you in measuring velocity or effectiveness)?

What to Turn In

Turn in one document for all three parts. You only need to turn in one copy for the entire team. Submit this in PioneerWeb. This document should include:

  1. A brief summary of what you have accomplished during sprint 3. What have you learned so far while working on this project? What have you done?  
  2. How are you demoing your project to your community partner?
  3. What is your current test coverage?  How are you measuring it? Do you feel that this level of testing is appropriate?  Why or why not?
  4. A review about how the team is functioning with respect to role “assignment” and effectiveness
  5. What do you plan to do for sprint 4?
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