Reading Journal 8: Niches in Software Development


Hand In

Answer the following questions. Keep in mind that there really is no wrong answer.  These questions should help you think about the type of roles you might play on a software development team, what types of companies might be a good fit for you.  

  1. We are into Sprint 4, and so you have some experience in working with a client on a real project (and maybe a whole lot more!) ….. What parts of the project work have you enjoyed most?  What aspects of the project and your role(s) on the team have not been as rewarding?
  2. What particular skills or specialized knowledge areas can you showcase in your portfolio or talk about in interviews? Or, what skills have you developed that will enhance your life in other areas??
  3. How will you continue to expand/deepen your expertise?
  4. What industries might require similar skills and domain-specific knowledge that could transfer from your team project?  For instance, I have worked in creating software for industries as diverse as: chemical manufacturing, banking, accounting, and higher education.  In some cases, I have learned quite a lot about the industry itself (such as how to document that a company owns a particular cow).   Understanding the specialized language and rules of similar companies makes me more able to seek work among them.
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