Wrap Up!!

As you get ready to leave the project that you’ve worked on this semester, please make sure you do the following tasks to leave the project ready for the next team and maintain good will with our community partners:

  1. Double check the licensing for any NEW gems that you added this term.  If any are not some version of open-source licenses, please contact your instructor!!
  2. Write thank you notes to your community partner!!
  3. Write thank you notes (email is fine) to your mentor(s)!!
  4. Before the final meeting/demo, agree upon the remaining goals (if any) with your community partner and write them down!!  Between the terms, I will try to meet with each of our community partners to see if they thought of something new after the demonstration.
  5. Add your notes about the remaining goals and tasks to a document, preferably in the GitHub repo.
  6. Copy to your final report any login credentials necessary for the maintenance of the app, such as temporary admin accounts, login credentials for and APIs used, etc.  Do not include any sensitive security keys!!  Contact your instructor to transfer that information securely.
  7. Document any details that you received from the community partner such as specialized information or codes, routine processes, people involved in the project (other than our contact person), etc.  No detail is too trivial!!!  We prefer that the community partners do not need to repeat themselves.
  8. Once you are sure you have recorded all the information needed for the next team, you should delete any project-related work sites other than GitHub.  If you used Trello, Teams, Google Docs, SharePoint, etc., please ensure that these will not persist after the final.


This assignment is a bit different from most of your team project assignments.  For most of the above tasks, you will incorporate the results into your final team report or demonstrations.  However, to get points for this assignment, you must copy me on your thank you notes or memos to your community partner and alumni mentor.   Either BCC me on an email or give me a copy of the paper document you send.

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