1. Choose a section/segment of code (or a set of tests) that you wrote this term which illustrates something important that you learned. You should either copy it or provide a link to the GitHub repo and explanation of which files contain the code you are using as your portfolio example.  Describe the purpose of the code and what you learned from writing it. If you worked jointly with other people to complete this code, please also give them credit.
  2. In three or four moderate-length paragraphs, describe one technical skill you developed as part of your work this semester.
  3. In three or four moderate-length paragraphs, describe one non-technical (aka “soft “) skill that you developed as part of your work this semester.
  4. Include a link to your individual project’s GitHub repository and a link to your Heroku (or other hosting site) deployment.  I recognize that technical problems may prevent you from finishing an individual project and getting it deployed to Heroku.  If you are having technical problems, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss an alternate way to complete this portion of the portfolio assignment.  
    1. Your individual project must have a purpose or theme to it.  It cannot simply be a collection of pages that have small, unrelated segments of code written for the individual homework assignments.
    2. This site should contain at least a couple of paragraphs on each page, appropriate to the heading/title/purpose of the page.  If you absolutely cannot think of something to write, use a lorem ipsum generator.
    3. Images should enhance and contribute to the purpose of the page, have descriptive “alt” tags, and not be the property of other individuals or corporations (the Rails image is allowed).  If you use images created by others, you must cite the source!! Failure to credit the source, author, or owner of images will be brought to the Committee on Academic Standing.  Please position your citation someplace obvious such as:
      1. on the same page (under the image, for instance) — this is ideal!!
      2. on an “About” page
      3. in the document you upload for this assignment
    4. Each page should have a consistent header (and possibly a footer) and color scheme used throughout the site. 
    5. Write a paragraph explaining how this site showcases your skill development with Ruby on Rails.

What to Hand In

Submit a text document with answers to the above questions and links to code and your individual GitHub repo and Heroku site.  Submit to PioneerWeb.


  1. Describe a section of code or tests written this term.  Alternatively, you may describe a user interface that you helped design.
  2. What was the purpose of the code?
  3. What did you learn from writing it?
  4. Describe one technical skill learned this term
  5. Describe one non-technical skill learned this term
  6. The description of your technical skills learned should be 3 to 4 paragraphs each.
  7. The individual project has a purpose or theme.  This must go beyond the bare minimum to complete the individual homework assignments.  
  8. There should be 3+ pages for the individual project site, and each must have at least a couple of paragraphs, unless the context precludes significant text.
  9. Images relate to the purpose of the site/page
  10. Images have descriptive “alt” tags
  11. Image creators or owners are given credit on the site. 
  12. The site has a consistent navigation bar 
  13. The site has a color scheme different from the default one in the Hartl tutorial
  14. The site has a stylesheet that governs its appearance.  It should be a separate page and located in app/assets/stylesheets
  15. You should include a paragraph about how the site showcases what you learned about Ruby on Rails this term
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