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Some questions come up frequently enough that we have created a page for FAQs!


You may want help in getting to your community partner’s site or finding space on campus to meet with them.  See the Community Partner Logistics page to get started.

Managing AWS Cloud 9

Security and Trello

Additional Educational Materials

This course relies on many different online sources; to try to make it easier to find a resource when you have a question, most links are included here.  You can also search for words and phrases using the widget in the upper right of these course pages.

Online Texts and Supplemental Materials

Ruby on Rails

Git and GitHub


Image Editing

  • GIMP is probably the leading, free (both in terms of cost as well as FOSS standing) image editing tool.  It can be used to optimize and resize images  so that they do not take up too much space in your AWS Cloud 9 account.  Be forewarned, however, because it is a full-featured image editing program and is not quick or easy to learn.
  • You probably also have a limited-feature photo or image editing program on your PC or Mac computer.  Explore!!!


Test Coverage Tools

Leading Remote Agile Teams

Here is a growing list of resources, some academic and some from industry, for working in …. and leading (for 326 students) …. distributed software development (DSD) teams: Leading Remote Agile Teams

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