Homework 0: Accounts and Preparation

In order to work on coding in Ruby and participating on a team project, you need to set up some accounts and services.  

Safety and Security

We use several third-party services as part of this course and therefore encourage you to be particularly careful in managing your personal data when working with these services.   We will continue to remind you of specific practices you should follow while working on your individual and team projects.

In specific, for this assignment:

  • You may use a non-identifiable, non-Grinnell email addresses to sign up for new accounts.  If you already have a GitHub account from CSC207, you may continue to use that one
  • Use non-identifiable display names when you create new accounts in Heroku


Throughout the course, we will use these tools for communication, development, and group coordination.

Set up accounts with these services (if you don’t already have them):

  • GitHub: https://github.com – Version control while creating your individual project, learning Ruby on Rails, and participating in the group/team project.  
  • AWS Cloud 9 or AWS Educate Starter Account.
      • AWS Educate Starter Account should be free up to an upper “credit” limit, but you should not have to provide a credit card number.  Apply for an AWS Educate account at  www.awseducate.com/registration.   Amazon has been changing its free plans again.  You should apply for an account as a student as soon as possible so that we can troubleshoot any access or technical issues.  Note that the Educate accounts are managed through Vocareum.
      • Cloud 9 is intended for individual, non-student users, however, this is what we have been using for the class this academic year, and the Hartl tutorial instructions are written for Cloud 9.  Access this website for instructions in setting up a personal account in Cloud 9: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cloud9/latest/user-guide/setup-express.html.    However, students have run into issues with not enough memory available for Ruby on Rails apps, and you might be asked to provide a credit card number (reports suggest that you might be able to skip that).  If you use Cloud 9, but sure to follow the tutorial carefully and do not install the Ruby documentation.  Also, be especially careful to avoid using large images since those take up many precious MB of space.
      • You should set up a billing alert so that you are not surprised if you use more resources than anticipated (see the Resources section for instructions for managing your AWS account).
  • Heroku: https://www.heroku.com – Deploy rails apps (needed during the Rails tutorial and for project deployment)

Submit on Pioneer Web: a text document (or a PDF file) with the name of the various services and your id for that service.

The content of your submission should look like this:

Name: Barbara Z. Johnson

Email: johnsonba@grinnell.edu

GitHub id: umdbzj

AWS Cloud 9 id: johnsonba@grinnell.edu

Heroku id: umdbzj

Also, post a message in our Microsoft Teams Working Group, which is titled “CSC-324: Software Design and Dev” or send me a private message so that I know you can access it.

This is an easy assignment designed to 1) test that Pioneer Web’s assignment submission system is working and 2) to get some accounts set up in good time for use while creating your individual project since some services may take up to 24 hours to be configured and ready.

Scoring (Rubric)

5 points possible, one point for each:  

  • Email:  
  • GitHub id: 
  • AWS Cloud9 id:   
  • Heroku id: 
  • Post or send me a message in our Microsoft Teams Working Group
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