Spring 1 Day 16 Checklist

Before Class

  1. Read: Dooley Ch 11 on Design Patterns
  2. Watch video lecture on design patterns (PioneerWeb) [slides only]

Class Time

It’s Monday Meeting day!!  This is entirely optional, but it is a good way to gather around as a group to discuss the up-coming week.

This week’s theme is the user interface and the database design.  You inherited from the prior two teams an interface and a database design.  Compare the existing code and database model to what your community partner’s current requirements.  Do they fit?  If not, what needs to change?

Upcoming Assignments

Additional Resources

  • Wikipedia (yes, Wikipedia) has a good page on Design Patterns.
  • Design Patterns in Ruby by Russ Olsen is available on reserve in the Noyce Science Library (if you are on campus, you should be able to get access)
  • For working with user interfaces, you might consider using CanvaFigma or Mockingbird to quickly create examples for the team and the community partner to consider.  Canva is approved by ITS provided that you read the privacy policy and send me an email  stating that you have read and understood the privacy policy.  The other two have not yet been approved by ITS.
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