Spring 1 Day 17 Checklist

Before Class

  • Review Dooley Chapter 18
  • Review the ACM Code of Ethics
  • Pick a case study that you would like to discuss in class.  It can be one of the case studies in Dooley or one from the list of ethics assignment topics.  Be prepared to give a quick summary of the case to the class before we discuss the issues and how the ACM Code applies.

Class Time

This class is entirely optional, but there has been some interest among students in talking about computers, software development, and ethics.  Come prepared to discuss some case studies, including one of your own choosing!

Upcoming Assignments

  • Team demos and reports will be due on Friday!!

Additional Resources

  • Since many current cases center around social media and what social media app users can (or cannot) say on those platforms, I’m including a site that summarizes the legal situation:  Free Expression on Social Media.  Ethics and the law do not always perfectly align, but this is a good place to start.
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