Spring 1 Day 1

Studying remotely can be disorienting, with many links to a variety of platforms for watching and participating in lectures, doing homework, submitting assignments, chatting with the instructor and classmates, and getting help from tutors and mentors.  My purpose in providing these daily checklists is to consolidate your task list into one, hopefully convenient and accurate, list per day.

I will strive to keep due dates correct on these checklists, however, this means that dates are given in three separate places: PioneerWeb, the schedule page, and each checklist.  Inevitably, some will become incorrect.  The dates on the SCHEDULE are the most reliable.

Before Class

  1. If you haven’t completed it yet, please find the Online Logistics Survey, accessible from the button “Online Logistics Survey” in the PioneerWeb class site.  This will help me in adjusting plans for the term.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, watch the instructor’s introduction video and the “Getting Started” video lecture (in PioneerWeb under the button “Video Lectures”) .  To understand me, you should also watch this humorous, but often true, video about people from Minnesota (my home).
  3. Read Chapters 1 and 2 in Dooley’s Software Development, Design and Coding
  4. Watch video lectures:  Getting Started and Software Process Models. The videos will be available in PioneerWeb.  Slides alone are available:  Getting Started and Software Process Models

Class Period [Attendance is Required!!]

Heads up:  our class meetings will often include students from both CSC324 and CSC326.  Since you will be working together on the team project, this is an opportunity to meet everyone in the joint class.  You will also be able to meet our course’s student mentor.

Join us in our MS Team’s Class General Channel

  1. Introductions!!!
    1. Your preferred name
    2. (Optional) Your preferred pronouns
    3. Which class are you in?
    4. What are your goals for the course?
  2. Co-development of class norms and expectations
    1. Camera on or off?
    2. Socializing time before (and after?) class or meetings …. how much and when?
    3. Cultural and personal expectations about sharing personal information
    4. Conflict resolution process and where to go for help
    5. What if you can’t attend a class or a meeting?
    6. Other things to discuss?
  3. Overview of key parts of the syllabus
  4. Vision for the class
  5. Discussion: What is software engineering and/or design?
  6. Questions

Upcoming Assignments

  1. Reading journal 1
  2. Homework 0: Setting Up
  3. Start learning Ruby

Additional Resources

If you do not want to create an AWS Cloud 9 or Educate account for this course, you may use either MathLAN or your own, personal computer instead of the online IDE.  However, setting up either of these solutions is more involved and challenging, particularly if you use a Windows computer.

Since we are on a very compressed schedule, if you plan to install Ruby on Rails on your computer, I recommend that you start setting up your computer or MathLAN as soon as possible.  These instructions should help, although they may be slightly outdated:

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