Spring 1 Day 3

Before Class

Review some background information regarding the foundations for this course’s team-based community-based programming project concept.  Note that some of the course numbering is out of date, but the main ideas remain the same.

CSC324 students should also start reading Hartl Ch 1 – 4 and do Homework 1.

Class Meeting [Required]

Guest Speakers:

  • Lia Schiffito, Mellon Community Engaged Learning Fellow, Careers, Life, and Service
  • Nicole Eikmeier, Assistant Professor in Computer Science
  • Sarah Barks, Director, STEM Career Community, Careers, Life, and Service
  • Susan Sanning, Associate Dean & Director of Service & Social Innovation, Careers, Life, and Service

Our guest speakers will present overviews of their projects and answer questions so that you can rank your interest in working on their project.  You will find the Team Interest Survey in PioneerWeb under the “Documents” button.

Additional Notes

You can take a look at some of the in-progress work!  I also have some notes on the technical details of each project as slides you can access before or after class.

Upcoming Assignments

  • HW 0 due TODAY
  • Reading Journal 2 due Friday
  • Team Project Interest Survey due Friday.  The template for the submission is in PioneerWeb under the “Documents” button.
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