Spring 1 Day 35 Checklist

Before Class

  1. Read Dooley Chapter 19
  2. Watch video lecture in PioneerWeb [slides only]

Class Time

  1. Work with your team to complete some final tasks:
    1. Team Wrap up
    2. Final team report
    3. Final team presentation
  2. Individually, please take a few minutes to complete the end of course evaluation in Smart Evals.
  3. Contribute a slide to our class “scrap book”.  This will only be shared with the 324/6 students, mentors, and community partners.  You may use photos, images, drawings, and words to celebrate and say “good bye”. (As always, keep it suitable for work ….)

Upcoming Assignments

  • Team Wrap up
  • Self and peer evaluations
  • Portfolio
  • Team report
  • Team presentation

Additional Resources

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