Managing AWS Cloud 9

How to Configure AWS Cloud 9 Billing Alerts

If you are concerned about being charged while using your Cloud 9 account, set up an alert to let you know when you are about to be billed.  This should not happen during normal usage for this class, but it is not a bad idea to set up protection anyway.

  1. From your AWS login, search for “Billing”
  2. This brings you to the “Billing & Cost Management Dashboard”.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom on the page and look for “Alerts & Notifications”
  4. Click the link for “Create and Manage Your Budgets”
  5. Pick “Cost Budget” and click the button to “Set your budget”
  6. You will have to give it a name and select options.  Unfortunately, it does not allow a budget of $0.00, but I did get it to accept $0.01!
  7. Set an alert on the next page.  You can set it for a percentage of your budget so that you know when you are coming up on a potential charge.  And then confirm your budget.

Trouble-Shooting Account Charges

From the AWS knowledge-center:  How to find the account associated with an unknown charge



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