Learning Ruby

Ruby is an object-oriented language that has many similarities to Java, although it has some quirks.  Unlike your early courses that focused on teaching you Scheme, C, and Java, you will be learning Ruby as you work on your team project.  This is similar to professional practice in which you may need to learn a new language when you join a company or start a new project.  At best, you might have the opportunity to attend a conference or a workshop, but generally, you will be expected to find your own best way of learning the new language.

So, I have listed a selection of recommended resources that range from short, online overviews to complete books or even a series of tutorials.

  • To Ruby from Java
  • Hartl Chapter 4 on Rails-Flavored Ruby
  • Head First Ruby by Jay McGavern
  • Learn Ruby the Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw

If you learn better with hands-on practice, you could try some of the online tutorials instead:

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