Homework 13: Styling the Website


What to Do

  1. Revise the appearance of your individual project’s website.  You may change the information included in the header, the footer, the navigation bar, or the titles.  Or, you can change the colors and the fonts. Let out your inner artist and improve the appearance of your individual project.  
  2. This is the last homework assignment directly related to your portfolio.  So take the time to make its appearance mesh with its purpose. If it is your personal portfolio, tweak it to reflect your personal style or to give the appropriate impression if you plan to use it for job or internship hunting.  The CLS department may be able to help you and give you feedback on this aspect of the assignment. Alternatively, if you took this opportunity to create a site for a club or organization, how can you use the appearance to reflect their brand??
  3. Your individual project must be fleshed out and contain information on each page. The information needs to be linked to the overall purpose of your site.  In other words, this project needs to look finished and professional.

What to Hand In

  1. Similar to prior homework assignments,  submit a document that contains links to your GitHub repo (showing a new commit with “HW13” as part of the commit message
  2. In the same document, include the link to the Heroku app. 
  3. Describe what code you refactored to change the style of your site (what files did you need to change?)
  4. Remind me of the purpose of your site (personal portfolio or for another organization or club) and how its purpose influenced your choices for colors, fonts, etc.).   
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