Day 8 Checklist


  1. Read Sommerville Chapter 4 and watch the TED Talk by Celeste Headlee:  10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation
  2. Watch video lecture (in PioneerWeb’s Video Lectures or YouTube) and ask questions in the Q & A Discussion forum
  3. [Required] ATTEND CLASS (Teams General Channel) and participate in the roleplaying interviews for Homework 4. 
    1. The person in the leftmost column will start the roleplay as the client, and the person to the right will start as the software developer who is writing the user story based on what the client wants
    2. Then switch roles
  4. Do Homework 4 (due 9/11).  Each partner should submit the user stories that they created while roleplaying the developer of a software app.  Although you did work together, you are submitting the homework individually (but please also name your partner in your submission).  
  5. Work with your team on the team project

Format for User Stories:

  • As a [stakeholder], so that I can [goal], I want to be able to [do task].

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