Day 2 Checklist


Before class

  1. Read: To Ruby from Java  and Sommerville Chapter 17 (focus on the introduction, 17.1, 17.2, and 17.4). Note: I apologize for some out-dated terminology in 17.3 and you may skip that section.  
  2. View the video lecture for Day 2 (“Individual Projects, Ruby, and SaaS”), post questions in the Q & A Discussion forum  in PioneerWeb, and add to the list of “Weird Ruby Things” in the Discussion forum
  3. ATTEND CLASS (WebEx):
    1. Some notes on what to focus on in learning Ruby: Ruby Lab slides
    2. do the Ruby Lab
    3. trade your solutions with another student for code review and feedback during class.  Depending upon how many students attend, we may move over to our class Teams account in order to break into small groups.  

Additional Resources

There are many resources to use in learning Ruby, and it is difficult to recommend just one that will appeal to everyone’s preferred way of learning new languages.  These are a few options, but you are encouraged to find what works best for you and share with your classmates.

Keep in mind that Ruby on Rails uses all of the Ruby language but tends to specialize in fairly basic operations.  Hartl’s tutorial Chapter 4 is a very good resource that focuses on the parts of the Ruby language that you are most likely to need for your homework assignments and team project.

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