Day 12 Checklist


  1. Read:  Chapter 8 of the Sommerville text.  You can focus on 8.2 if you have limited time!!
  2. Do Reading Journal 4 (due today)
  3. Read Safety and Security Considerations
  4. Watch video lecture (in PioneerWeb or on YouTube) and ask questions in the Q & A Discussion forum
  5. Meet with your team and/or your community partners!!!  I will be available during class time if you have questions (in the General channel)
  6. Don’t forget that Homework 6 is due today

Additional Resources

  • Eric Elliott. (2019) TDD Changed My Life. Medium
  • A good walkthrough of test driven development in action, using Ruby (but with Rspec … not Minitest) can be found at Rails Girls Guides: Test-Driven Development.  In fact, it is a good exercise to try on your own, although you will need to make some syntax changes if you use Minitest. 
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