Topic Proposal

You should submit your rough ideas for your ethics paper at this time.  Your ethics paper will examine a case study or a news source in which a software program is contributing factor to a situation that did or might cause harm .  You may choose any topic you prefer, but if you need some ideas, check out this list. You must find at least one additional article or report on your case study as well.

Upload a document to PioneerWeb that includes:

  1. Description of your ethics paper topic.  What are the issues or controversy that you will be using as the basis for analysis of how the ACM Code of Ethics can be applied?
  2. Why does this topic interest you?
  3. Who committed the ethical violation?  This can be a company or other organization, but avoid choosing a case study in which a very broad group is considered culpable.
  4. Who is or was harmed by the ethical violation?  This might be a broader group, but you should be able to describe it in a sentence.
  5. What articles or websites will you be reading?  You must identify at least two.
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