Team Check-Ins


Just as with the report for Sprint 3, I realize that you may not been able to make as much progress on your team project as you’d hoped to do.  Given the current situation, that is perfectly understandable.  Keep in mind that the motto for the team project is Process, NOT Product!  It is more important that you do what you can and learn from this experience.

The team project, during the pandemic, is giving you an opportunity to see what working remotely is like, with both its joys and challenges.

For your demo or PowerPoint presentation, you should follow the same guidelines from prior demos regarding what to include:

  1. Present a list of user stories or features that you targeted for the sprint. This can be done by showing your backlog and pointing to the set of cards (or equivalent) that are in progress or recently marked “complete” during this sprint.
  2. If you have already done a demo for your community partner, what feedback did they have for the team? What did you think of the process of showing your work to stakeholders in this way?
  3. Show the current version of the product and point out/talk about – as much as possible – what changes you have made to get to this point. OR you might be at a stage in which it is easier to talk about what tests you have written and why. OR you might need to talk about the “less visible 2/3 of the project” …. which is the bug squashing, error handling defensive programming, or security improvements that are hard to demonstrate but essential in a product that will go live soon.
  4. Talk about what challenges your team has encountered, what strategies you are using to solve problems, and show off what you have done.

Morning Section Logistics

I have emailed the morning section instructions for choosing a time to do the check-in (if you prefer to do a live checkin and possible demonstrations).  You may also submit a PowerPoint presentation, with or without audio, in PioneerWeb.  Use screen shots of your software under development to show what you’ve accomplished.

If you want to try synchronous (“live”) videoconferencing, we need to use either WebEx or PioneerWeb’s Collaborate tool.  WebEx should allow participants to share their screen; so that would be preferred.

I will start the WebEx meeting just before the time you indicate you want to meet virtually.

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