Team Assignment Survey

In order to form teams for the semester-long team project, I need to get your preferences for what project(s) you prefer to work on this term.  Please complete the form for your section and upload the completed version on PioneerWeb.

Generally, I have been able to assign each person to their first or second choice.

If you want to work with a particular person, please also let me know that, and I suggest you coordinate with the other person regarding your first choice for project!!  Also, if you would rather not work with a person, please let me know that as well.

In case we have a very popular project, I may fall back to trying to balance teams so that you have a good mix of skills and experience …. so I do ask that you consider the other questions on the attached document.

Since we will have our alumni mentors joining us next week, turn around time on this assignment is very tight.  This is due February 3rd by 10:30 pm so that teams can be formed and announced in class on the 5th.