Fall 2019

This schedule is subject to change!!!

Assignments are generally due by 10:30 pm on the due date, unless otherwise noted. If the text for an assignment is in boldface, this means that the assignment is due on that day; if the text is in italics, the the assignment is due on the date given with the description.

There will generally be a reading journal due each Monday, summarizing and synthesizing major points covered by the recommended reading and lecture.

#DayDateTopicCorresponding Assignment
Week 1
1F8/30Administrative stuff; account set up and technical preparation; Intro to Software Engineering
HW 0: Accounts and computer set up (due 9/4)
2M9/2Introduction to SaaS; Software Development Processes and Philosophies
Reading Journal 1: SaaS Book Ch 1 and 10.1 & 10.2 and Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby Chapter 1
3W9/4Review of Linux and GitHub; setting up Ruby on Rails (Getting Started Lab)
HW 1: New Rails App (due 9/11)
4F9/6Agile software development methods, team roles, workflow
Reading: SaaS Book sections 10.3 - 10.5
Strength, Skills, and Growth Reflection (due 9/13)
Week 2
5M9/9Behavior Driven Design & User Stories
Reading: Chapter 7 of the SaaS book
HW 2: Practice with User Stories (due 9/16)
6w9/11HTML, CSS, client-server architecture
Reading: Design Patterns in Ruby, Chapter 1
HW 3: Mostly Static Website (due 9/18)
7F9/13Community partner and project overviews & professionalism
(Susan Sanning, CLS is our guest speaker)
Team Assignment Survey (due 9/14)
Week 3
8M9/16Teams announced and initial meetings
Alumni Mentors Visit
Team Charter (due 9/27)
9W9/18Ruby, embedded Ruby, gems and Gemfiles; Read: Design Patterns in Ruby, Chapter 2
HW 4: Add Ruby to the individual project (due 9/25)
Reading Journal 2
10F9/20Project Management (Christi Baker, Guest speaker)
HW 5: Conflict, Resolution and Effective Teams in the Agile World (due 9/27)
Week 4
11M9/23Beginning of Sprint 0
Object-Oriented Design; UML and class diagrams
Reading for today
Memo of Understanding Assignment (due 9/30)
Reading Journal 3
12W9/25RSpec, Minitest, and debugging
HW 6: Automated Testing (due 10/2)
13F9/27ACM/IEEE Ethics Codes; Lab time
In-Class Practice
Team Charters due
Topic proposal for ethics paper (due 10/4)
Week 5
14M9/30Beginning of Sprint 1
Test Driven Design; Working with legacy code (how to get started with a large code base); security on projects
Reading Journal 4
15W10/2MVC, RESTful architecture, databases, and SQL
Reading for today
HW 7: Add a database (due 10/16)
16F10/4Lab time: work with teams and/or meet with community partnersTopic proposal for ethics paper due
Week 6
17M10/7Refactoring, design smells, and code smells
In-Class Exercise
Reading Journal 5
18W10/9More on databases and Active Record
19F10/11Demos by teamDemos;
report on sprint 1 and plan for sprint 2
Week 7
20M10/14Beginning of Sprint 2
Service as a Software Substitute
Reading Journal 6
21W10/16Forms in Rails
HW 8: Add a form and form helper (due 10/30)
22F10/18Social Justice Tour
Fall Break 10/19 - 10/25
Week 8
23M10/28Design Patterns
Study groups assigned a design pattern to research and teach to the rest of the class (due 11/11)
24W10/30Making Web Pages Accessible
HW 9: Accessibility Testing (due 11/6)
25F11/1Demos by teamDemos;
report on sprint 2 and plan for sprint 3
Week 9
26M11/4Beginning Sprint 3
Test Coverage
Class canceled
RJ 7: SaaS Book Sections 8.7 - 8.9
27W11/6Usability Testing
HW 10: Usability Testing (due 11/13)
28F11/8Work timeRough draft of ethics paper due
Week 10
29M11/11Design Patterns
Presentation Order
Group presentations on assigned design pattern
Work Day!!
HW 11: DRY out your views with partials (due 11/20)
31F11/15Team checkins with instructor during class
Team checkins with instructor; report on sprint 3 and plan for sprint 4
Week 11
32M11/18Beginning of Sprint 4
Convention over Configuration
Reading: Olsen Chapter 18
Reading Journal 8
33W11/20Managing the asset pipelineHW 12: Add assets using the Ruby on Rails asset pipeline (due 11/27)
34F11/22Work time(You should have gotten feedback on your rough draft by this date.)
Week 12
35M11/25Finding your niche in software development
Discussion Questions
Reading Journal 9 (two articles)
36W11/27In class demos
Demo Order
Demos; report on sprint 4, plan for sprint 5
F11/29Thanksgiving Break
Week 13
37M12/2Beginning of Sprint 5
Work time
RJ 10: Documentation
Review SaaS 9.1 - 9.3; Read: The Eight Rules of Good Documentation
38W12/4Work timeHW 13: Style the website (due 12/11)
39F12/6Work time
Week 14
40M12/9Work time
41W12/11Wrap up!!
Work time
42F12/13Presentations in class (technical)Ethics Case Study final draft due
W12/18 9 to noonFinal Public PresentationsPortfolio, self and peer evaluations, final team report