Schedule 324

This schedule is for Fall 1 and is subject to change!!!

Assignments are generally due by 10:30 pm on the due date, unless otherwise noted.

#DayDateTopicNotes and Today's Checklist
0Pre-Term PreparationStudent logistics survey
Week 1
1M8/24 [Required] Introduction to Software Engineering; Software Dev Philosophies and ModelsDay 1 Checklist
Reading Journal 1 due
2T8/25Software as a Service (SaaS), Ruby, and overview of individual projectsDay 2 Checklist
3W8/26[Required] Team projects overviewDay 3 Checklist
Homework 0 due
4Th8/27Version control (git and GitHub)Day 4 Checklist
5F8/28Front-End Technologies; Client-Server ArchitectureDay 5 Checklist
Reading Journal 2 due
Team interest survey due
Week 2
6M8/31[Required] Team meetings and Project ManagementBegin Sprint 0
Day 6 Checklist
Homework 1 due
7T9/1Ruby, embedded Ruby, gems, and GemfilesDay 7 Checklist
Reading Journal 3 due
8W9/2[Required] Behavior driven design and Requirements SpecificationDay 8 Checklist
Homework 2 due
Team Charter due
9Th9/3Minitest and debugging Rails appsDay 9 Checklist
Homework 3 due
10F9/4MVC, databases, and SQLDay 10 Checklist
Homework 4 due
Memo of Understanding due
Week 3
11M9/7Forms in RailsBegin Sprint 1
Day 11 Checklist
Homework 5 due
12T9/8Test-driven development; security and environmental variablesDay 12 Checklist
Reading Journal 4 due
Homework 6 due
13W9/9Team project timeHomework 7 due
14Th9/10Object-oriented design; UML class diagramsDay 14 Checklist
15F9/11[Required] Team demosDay 15 Checklist
Team demos and reports due
Week 4
16M9/14Design and code smells; refactoringBegin Sprint 2
Day 16 Checklist
Reading Journal 5 due
17T9/15ACM/IEEE Codes of EthicsDay 17 Checklist
18W9/16Service as a Software Substitute (Ethics)Mid-term survey
Day 18 Checklist
Reading Journal 6 due
19Th9/17Team project timeEthics paper topic proposal due
20F9/18[Required] Team demosTeam demos and reports due
Week 5
21M9/21Test coverage and metricsBegin Sprint 3
Day 21 Checklist
Reading Journal 7 due
22T9/22Ethics paperDay 22 Checklist
Preliminary thesis statement for ethics paper is due
23W9/23Team project time
24Th9/24Usability and accessibility testingDay 24 Checklist
25F9/25[Required] Team check-ins with instructorTeam reports due
Rough draft of ethics paper due
Week 6
26M9/28Convention over configuration (design pattern)Begin Sprint 4
Day 26 Checklist
Reading Journal 8 due
Homework 8 due
27T9/29Team project time
28W9/30Career developmentDay 28 Checklist
Reading Journal 9 due
29Th10/1Good documentationDay 29 Checklist
Reading Journal 10 due
30F10/2[Required] Team demosTeam demos and reports due
Week 7
31M10/5Team project timeBegin Sprint 5
32T10/6Team project time
33W10/7Team project time
34Th10/8Team project time
35F10/9Wrap up!Portfolio, self and peer evaluations, and
team wrap up due
Ethics Paper due
36??TBD [Required] FinalFinal Presentations [Required]
Final team report