Homework 5: Conflict, Resolution and Effective Teams in the Agile World

Our teams will mostly be using the Scrum framework for development during this course for a variety of reasons. Our software engineering textbook (the SaaS book) mostly focuses on tools, roles, and processes of Scrum, although they also mention paired programming (from XP – Extreme Programming) and Kanban. Since Scrum organizes around sprints, which have fixed durations and demos, this framework fits a classroom environment better than others.


What to Submit

Submit this homework assignment individually, but you are encouraged to talk with your team about the articles and the answers to the following questions.

Please submit a text file (PDF is fine) via PioneerWeb that answers the following questions:

  1. Reflect upon your experience in working with teams/groups and pairs. These can be within computer science courses, research, internships, or extracurricular activities (such as sports, student organizations, etc.). What characteristics made these successful? What characteristics made working with a group difficult? What lessons can you take from your experience and the suggestions in the readings to form a successful team for this project?
  2. What surprised you about the Balbes article?
  3. The Balbes suggested several approaches to dealing with conflict? Have you used any of these, and what was the result? If you have not used any of these techniques, can you imagine using any of them in the upcoming team project?
  4. What other conflict resolution techniques have you used or learned about in other classes?
  5. What are the four Scrum ceremonies and how do you envision those taking place in your team?


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