Homework 12: Add Assets Using the Ruby on Rails Pipeline

If you have been working through the Hartl tutorial, you probably already have added at least one image to your individual project website.  But if you have managed to avoid the cute kitty so far, it is time to step back and think about what image(s) could enhance your site’s appearance or provide an important piece of information.  

What you want to include is up to you, but make sure that you add at least one image to your website and that it is stored in the app/assets/images directory.  If nothing else, add the Rails logo and display it somewhere on your website (the About page would be appropriate).  


What to Do

  1. Add an image or two, as appropriate, to your website.  Remember to put it in the app/assets/images directory.
  2. Show your image on a page (or more) using the image_tag
  3. Don’t forget to include the alt information for the visually impaired user!

What to Hand In

  1. Answer the following questions:
    1. What assets did you add to the website?  How do they enhance your site?
    2. What is the general look and feel you are trying to create on your site?  Is it professional?  Fun and easy-going?  What images can you select to help set that tone?
  2. Similar to prior homework assignments,  submit a document that contains links to your GitHub repo (showing a new commit with “HW12” as part of the commit message
  3. In the same document, include the link to the Heroku app.

Scoring Rubric (10 Points)

  1. One or more images are included in the site
  2. The images have a purpose on the site and relate to text or other content on the page
  3. Explains what images were added and why
  4. Explains the desired look and feel of the site and how can images help create that
  5. The location of images is in  app/assets/images directory
  6. Images are shown on the html.erb page using the image_tag
  7. Every image includes alt tags
  8. The current code is on GitHub
  9. The app can be accessed on Heroku or other hosting site
  10. The site is looking like a professional site that could be shown as a part of a portfolio
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