Getting Started Lab

These instructions ONLY apply if you do NOT use AWS Cloud 9.  They are here to help guide you in getting set up to develop Ruby on Rails applications on MathLAN or your own computer.

BEFORE INSTALLING ON YOUR COMPUTER: Run all updates for your machine and install XCode if you plan to use a Mac computer.   It takes a while!!!  You should also do a backup of your files. 

Developing on MathLAN

 We do have Ruby and Rails on MathLAN, but they are old versions, which you can get updated in your home directories using rbenv.   Follow these instructions from ITS

 Instructions to install the Heroku command line interface (CLI) need to be written and tested, but meanwhile, you can push from GitHub to Heroku instead. Keep in mind that Heroku expects to use PostgreSQL and so you will need to have added the pg gem to your Gemfile in the production group (see Hartl 1.5 for how to do this).  

For Other Platforms

NOTE: You do not need to install MySQL or PostgreSQL!!  We use sqlite3 for development on the local machine.

Read over the instructions to set up Ruby on Rails locally:

NOTE: You want to install the same versions as recommended in the Hartl tutorial, so you should plan to install that instead of whatever is recommended by gorails.   

If you are on your own machine (NOT MathLAN), in order to follow Hartl’s tutorial, you should install sqlite3.  Do NOT follow instructions to install MySQL or PostgreSQL.  

Then we recommend following Hartl starting at section 1.3 .

To install the Heroku Command Line: and keep this link bookmarked since you may need to recall how to log in later.  

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