Ethics Assignment Topics

Social Media Handling of:

  • Harassment
  • Radicalization
  • Factually incorrect political messaging

General Types of Software Design or Computer Engineering Ethics Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Robots

Boeing Flight Software Update

Copyright/Intellectual Property

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics: Copyright Concerns, Misinterpretation Mishap

Elections and Computer Use, including security issues


Machine Bias (AI, Biased Algorithms, Facial Recognition, and Machine Learning) 

Photo Labeling

Security Flaws in Operating Systems

(In some cases, you might want to argue that the parties involved acted ethically ….)

Selling Databases or User Data

Surveillance Technologies

Paul MozurRaymond Zhong and “In Coronavirus Fight, China Gives Everyone a Color Code with Red Flags.” New York Times. March 1, 2020.  Access online (possibly behind a paywall)

Drew Harwell and Erin Cox.  “ICE has run facial-recognition searches on millions of Maryland drivers” Washington Post. February 26, 2020.  Access online.
Choe Sang-HunAaron KrolikRaymond Zhong and Major Security Flaws Found in South Korea Quarantine App” New York Times.  July 21, 2020.  Access online (possibly behind a paywall)


Video Evidence

Maras, Marie-Helen, and Alex Alexandrou. “Determining Authenticity of Video Evidence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and in the wake of Deepfake videos.” The International Journal of Evidence & ProofOct 28, 2018. Access reading.

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