Day 3 Checklist


Before Class

  1. Read ONE of the articles on the page Leading Remote Agile Teams.
  2. [Required] ATTEND CLASS (WebEx):
    1. Presentations from community partners about their vision for their projects
      1. Lia Schifitto – Interactive community engaged learning toolkit (Mellon Community Engaged Learning).  She recorded a video overview of her project 
      2. Sarah Barks – Prototype graduates outcomes data analysis and data visualization dashboard  (STEM Career Community)
      3. Nicole Eikmeier – Computer Science Anti-Racism Resources Library
      4. Susan Sanning – Funding sources for students (Center for Careers, Life, and Service)
    2. Susan Sanning will talk about professionalism and how to work effectively with your community partners

After Class

  1. Complete the team interest survey,  due Friday 9/4 by 10:30 pm.  Be sure to indicate BOTH your ranking for each project AND the time frames most convenient for you to meet with a team. Indicate please whether you want the project or the time frame to be more heavily considered in team assignment.  If you want to work with particular students, please make sure that all of you indicate interest in being on the same team!!!  If you want to form a team and have the team as a whole indicate your preference for projects, that will be acceptable.  
  2. START reading and following the instructions in Hartl’s Chapters 1 through 4.  You can follow the directions for the first toy app verbatim, but start working on your own individual project after the first chapter.  You do not need to do the Exercises at the end of each section of the tutorial!!  Just do the major tasks.  Be sure to practice with git, GitHub, and Heroku as you go. You will use these chapters to complete Homework 1 
  3. Homework 0 is due by 10:30 pm

Additional Resources

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