Day 22 Checklist


  • Review the PowerPoint slides for the Ethics Paper Details presentation and be sure to ask questions in class or in PioneerWeb
  • Attend class (General channel link) so that you can work with one or more other students in refining your ethics paper thesis statement
  • The ethics paper thesis statement is due tonight in PioneerWeb 

Ethics Paper Thesis Statement 

  • Should be short, ideally a sentence or two
  • Thesis statement should be specific and debatable
  • Could somebody, using the same facts and framework as you are, reasonably argue for the opposite of your claim?
  • Use the format:  Stakeholders acted unethically by causing/not preventing harm to a group of people by their actions, according to sections x.x .. x.x of the ACM Code of Ethics.  
  • Before submitting your thesis statement:  Pair up, share thesis statements and make sure that the answer to the above question is “No” … make improvements as needed
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