Day 11 Checklist


This is the last day that we will be focusing on learning the basics of Ruby on Rails programming and syntax.  After this point, the major emphasis will be on the team project and your ethics case study paper.

  1. Read:  
    1.  Codeacademy’s article on Request-Response Cycle III (for form handling)
    2. Hartl Chapter 7, although you do not need to follow the steps in the tutorial unless you want to try your hand at creating a user sign up form for your website.  Focus on how success and errors are handled between the input of data on the website and the database itself.  
  2. Watch video lecture (in PioneerWeb and YouTube) and ask questions in the Q & A Discussion forum
  3. I do not have plans for today – so consider it a work day.  Work on your team project and homework assignments.  I will be available in a Teams meeting (General channel) if you have questions or want to chat.
  4. Do Homework 7: Add a Form (due 9/16)
  5. Work with your team on your team project.  Today starts Sprint 1, and I have some ROUGH goals outlined for each sprint.  However, these are just a guideline!!

Additional Resources

  • See Homework 7 for a list of additional, optional readings.  Keep in mind that many Ruby on Rails websites were written for Rails 3, 4, or 5 and may use the old “form_for” syntax to create an HTML form.  In Rails 5, you can use the deprecated syntax, but I think for Rails 6, you will need to use “form_with”.  
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