Day 1 Checklist

Studying remotely can be disorienting, with many links to a variety of platforms for watching and participating in lectures, doing homework, submitting assignments, chatting with the instructor and classmates, and getting help from tutors and mentors.  My purpose in providing these daily checklists is to consolidate your task list into one, hopefully convenient and accurate, list, with reminders of where to access the information or perform the task.

I will strive to keep due dates correct on these checklists, however, this means that dates are given in three separate places: PioneerWeb, the schedule page, and each checklist.  Inevitably, some will become incorrect.  The dates on the SCHEDULE are the most reliable.


Before Class

  1. If you haven’t completed it yet, please find the Online Logistics Survey, which is labeled “New Survey” in the announcements in your PioneerWeb dashboard and is also accessible from the button “Online Logistics Survey”.  This will help me in adjusting plans for the term.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, watch the instructor’s introduction video and the “Getting Started” video lecture (in PioneerWeb under the button “Video Lectures”) .  
  3. Introduce yourself in PioneerWeb under the button “Discussion Boards” where you should see a forum called “Introductions”  Include at least:
    1. Your preferred name
    2. (Optional) Your preferred pronouns
    3. Share one of your hobbies or interests.  What do you like to do for fun?
    4. Submit your response for the Composition Activity  as an attachment to your thread.
  4. Respond to at least two other students’ introductions and try to guess what skill their composition activity depicts.
  5. [Required] ATTEND CLASS in WebEx.  You should have received an invitation to the Day 1 meeting via email.  If not, please let me know!!! Class slides are available for review before class.

After Class

  1. Read: Sommerville Chapters 1 – 3
  2. Answer the questions in Reading Journal 1.  Due 8/31 by 10:30 pm (TODAY!)
  3. View the video lecture for today (in PioneerWeb under the button “Video Lectures”) and post questions in the Q & A Discussion Board
  4. Post your thoughts in the PioneerWeb discussions about software engineering and the ethics case study
  5. Do Homework 0, Setting Up.  Due 9/2 by 10:30 pm

Additional Resources

If you do not want to create an AWS Cloud 9 account for this course, you may use either MathLAN or your own, personal computer instead of the online IDE.  However, setting up either of these solutions is more involved and challenging, particularly if you use a Windows computer.

Since we are on a very compressed schedule, if you plan to install Ruby on Rails on your computer, I recommend that you start setting up your computer or MathLAN as soon as possible.  These instructions should help, although they may be slightly outdated:

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