Composition Activity


This is a fun, ungraded, activity to help you get to know your classmates and instructor.  You do not need great drawing skills to do this!  Just give it a try.  You can use any editing program that you know …. and you could even use PowerPoint and create a slide using the drawing and shapes tools.


  1. As part of your introduction activity, think about a skill you want to develop or improve during this course.
  2. Now, create a composition (picture) that depicts the skill using ONLY shapes and colors.  You cannot copy and paste any pictures or images.  Do not use clip art or icons.
  3. You are free to combine and merge shapes
  4. Keep this small since it will be uploaded.  I used PowerPoint and just created a single slide as an example.
  5. Attach your composition to your response in the Introductions Discussion Board
  6. Then, look at those from your classmates and see if you can figure out what skill they were representing.


This activity comes from our new tenure-track faculty member, Dr. Fernanda Eliot.

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