326 Day 6 Checklist

Before Class

  1. Read Agile Project Kickoff Meetings by Mike Cohn and consider how you will help guide your team through the initial kickoff meeting.
  2. Think about what project management tools you used in 324 and decide if you want to encourage your team to use those … or if you want to try something different this term.
  3. What communication tools did you use in 324?  What were the pros and cons??  Again, do you want to suggest your team use them or switch to something else?

In Class [Required]

    1. Teams will be announced before class
    2. Brief all-class check in and introduction to the alumni mentors
    3. By 8:15 am, break into teams with your alumni mentor
      1. Introductions
      2. Review the information you have about your project (last term’s final report, GitHub, Heroku)
      3. With alumni mentor, decide upon a meeting schedule (tentative) and how best to communicate with your mentor and how frequently (record this for the Team Charter)
      4. Strategize with alumni mentor and 326 student(s) on how best to manage the GitHub repo and working on the project management and logistics
      5. Develop a Team Name (it SHOULD be something fun …. try this Scrum Team Name Generator)
      6. Choose the ONE person who will be the main contact for your community partner and decide when to try to meet with the community partner
      7. Teams need to create a Team Charter and plan to create their Memo of Understanding
    4. 9:30 am, rejoin the meeting in the General Chat

Team Assignments

Team assignments were emailed  …. let me know if you didn’t get yours

Mentors (Tentative):

  • Terian: CS Anti-Racism Library
  • Alex: CLS Student Funding Sources
  • Wes: Interactive Community-Engaged Learning Toolkit
  • Ian: Graduate Outcomes Data Analysis and Visualization

After Class

  1. As a team:
    1. create the Team Charter (due February 10)
    2. the contact person should make contact with the community partner as soon as possible so that you can meet (virtually) by the end of the week, if that is possible
    3. with the community partner, draft the Memo of Understanding (soft deadline of February 12)

Additional Resources

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